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Dangerous Goods Placards vs. Hazardous Goods Labels

Dangerous goods placards are larger than printed shipping labels and are not designed to be fixed to small packages. Placards are displayed on trucks, rail cars freight containers, and containers loaded into aircraft using unit load devices. These placards are square or diamond-shaped signs and warn users that the cargo contains hazardous materials or dangerous goods. Placards are displayed on vehicles, containers, and packaging that transport hazardous materials by road,

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What Labels Are Needed When Shipping Hazardous Chemicals?

The labelling of hazardous chemical packages and containers helps ensure the safe transport of chemicals. Hazardous chemicals can be dangerous if not handled properly, and their hazards can range from being toxic, corrosive or flammable. Proper labelling provides important information about the nature of the hazard, and the necessary precautions that should be taken when handling, using, or storing the chemicals. What is on a Hazardous Chemical Label? Manufacturers, suppliers,

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Best Air Freight Labels For Transporting Dangerous Goods

Air freight labels describe the dangerous goods being transported by plane. These labels feature special handling instructions or precautions that must be taken to ensure the safe transportation of the goods. Air freight dangerous goods labels are required to be displayed on packages or containers in accordance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations. There are several types of dangerous goods handling labels used in air transport,

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What Are Dangerous Goods Classes and Which Labels Are Used?

Dangerous goods classes defined by the United Nations help identify storage, handling, and transportation hazards. These nine classes and associate UN labels are recognised internationally. Standardised labelling helps conveyed consistent warnings that are understood by people involved in the handling of dangerous goods. Vehicles transporting dangerous goods in Australia and New Zealand must clearly display the dangerous goods class they are carrying. Emergency Information Panels may also need to be

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