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Dangerous Goods Placards vs. Hazardous Goods Labels

Dangerous goods placards are larger than printed shipping labels and are not designed to be fixed to small packages. Placards are displayed on trucks, rail cars freight containers, and containers loaded into aircraft using unit load devices.

These placards are square or diamond-shaped signs and warn users that the cargo contains hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

Placards are displayed on vehicles, containers, and packaging that transport hazardous materials by road, rail, sea, or air. The placards are used to communicate the type and level of risk associated with the hazardous materials and to warn people of the potential danger.

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Popular Dangerous Goods Placards

The most common dangerous goods placards and their associated UN numbers include:

Dangerous Goods Explosives Placards:

  • Red placard with an explosion symbol and the word ‘Explosives’
  • UN numbers: 001 to 010

Gases Placards

  • Green placard with a gas cylinder symbol and the name of the gas
  • UN numbers: 1001 to 1099 (compressed gases), 1950 (aerosols)

Flammable Liquids Placards

  • Red placard with a flame symbol and the words “Flammable Liquid”
  • UN numbers: 1202 (petrol), 1267 (petroleum distillates), 1863 (fuel, aviation, turbine engine)

Flammable Solids Placards

  • Red placard with a flame symbol and the words “Flammable Solid”
  • UN numbers: 1325 (matches), 1330 (metal powders)

Oxidizing Substances Dangerous Goods Placards

  • Yellow placard with an “O” symbol and the words “Oxidizing Substances”
  • UN numbers: 2014 (potassium permanganate), 2209 (perchlorates)

Toxic and Infectious Substances Placards

  • White placard with a skull and crossbones symbol and the words “Toxic” or “Poison”
  • UN numbers: 2814 (infectious substances), 2920 (toxic liquids), 3291 (toxic solids)

Radioactive Materials Dangerous Goods Placards

  • Yellow placard with a trefoil symbol and the words “Radioactive”
  • UN numbers: 2908 (uranium hexafluoride), 2912 (plutonium)

Corrosive Substances Dangerous Goods Placards

  • Red and white placard with a corrosion symbol and the words “Corrosive”
  • UN numbers: 1760 (sulphuric acid), 3264 (battery acid)

ANZ Regulations for Dangerous Goods Placards

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other dangerous goods placards and UN numbers that correspond to different types of hazardous materials. It’s important to consult the Australian and New Zealand government regulations and guidelines for the proper transportation, handling, and storage of hazardous materials.

For more detailed advice, refer to the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (ADG Code) or the New Zealand industry guide for Transporting Dangerous Goods Safely.

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